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Wednesday January 23rd, 2019

Watair Inc.

Watair was created to respond to the World-Wide-Water-Crisis. We empower our customers with fresh water delivery systems based on innovative water-from-air processes. Our Mission is to help deliver drinking water wherever it is needed.

Since 2001, Watair and its research and development team have developed and brought to the manufacturing stage products for processing the moisture in the air into liquid water and treating this water so that it becomes safe-to-drink. Our R & D team continues to experiment with various innovative solutions for reliable water-from-air machines. We are embarking on a new phase of collaborations with universities, governments, the military, and the private sector to improve energy efficiency, operating economics, and environmental responsibility.

Watair's competitive advantage is the high quality of our water treatment system. Many competitive products have problems with bacteria growth.

The atmosphere contains 3500 cubic miles of water or 0.001% of the Earth’s total water reservoir volume of 350 million cubic miles. Water reservoirs include the atmosphere, ice and snow, biomass, surface water, underground water and the oceans. Even if all 7 billion people on Earth used water from water vapour processors at the rate of 13 US gallons per day, they would consume only 0.002% of the available atmospheric water. In 2050, when population is expected to peak at 9.2 billion, this worst case impact would rise slightly to 0.003%.

Water-from-air technology converts the humidity in the atmosphere (which is a gas or vapor) to liquid water. With our innovative systems, a previously untapped water resource becomes available. Moisture contained in the atmosphere which surrounds us is a practical water source unlimited in supply and available almost anywhere around the world!

Watair’s technology transforms water vapor from air humidity into great tasting drinking water by using refrigeration methods that cool the air below its dew point. Briefly, this is what happens: Air is drawn through a specially designed filter that removes dust and cleans the air. Condensed water is collected and passed through a series of treatment stages designed to capture, inactivate, or kill micro-organisms.

Our systems are designed to be energy efficient. They are equipped with electronic sensors to ensure optimum performance and reliable production of safe drinking water. To date, we have AirJuicer 4010 home/office atmospheric water generators in operation in over 30 countries around the world.


Home consumer /Office: Our award winning AirJuicer 5 US gallon per day water-from-air appliance can replace bottled water delivery, water coolers, or tap water. It is the appliance of the future today! You can benefit from a safe, secure, continuous, clean drinking water supply.

Commercial/Industrial/Emergency Response: Installed or mobile units produce drinking water meeting World Health Organization guidelines for the bottling industry, restaurants, emergency/disaster relief, humanitarian initiatives, troop support, and remote camps. Our CI-7500 & CI-11000 produces up to 2000 & 3000 US Gallons / 7500 & 11000 Liters per day.

Industrial/Infrastructure: Our WaterProducer Greenhouse™ is designed to produce up to 50,000 US gallons per day of drinking water and irrigation water for soil-less (hydroponic) horticulture. Our WaterProducer™ is rated at 130,000 US gallons per day. These are environmentally responsible, site-specific designs, intended for tropical coastal sites with access to deep, cool ocean water (maximum 59℉ or 15℃) for their coolant requirements. Although ocean water is pumped through the fresh water collection coils, this is returned unaltered (except for slightly higher temperature) to the appropriate temperature depth in the ocean. The fresh water product comes almost entirely from moisture in the atmosphere desalination, with its harmful brine and chemical by-products, is not involved at any meaningful scale.

At Watair, we are proud of our proprietary research and development initiatives. We continue to devote our own resources to nurturing highest quality, safe, reliable products from the proof-of-concept stage through to commercial viability.

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